The Scams

Welcome to The Scams SmarterApp brought to you by appSAVE®.
Our goal is to expose the different scams to which we have been alerted in an effort to thwart their Criminal Activities.
We hope you enjoy and we hope this App can help you avoid being Ripped Off.

Here are some Fun Recordings that folks have made in their efforts to Fight Back.
When you click on one you'll need to close out and open it again for the next one. (It's how they set this up, we didn't.)

Good Rule of Thumb

Any legitimate Phone Caller will leave a message with a clear call back number.

Never click on Anything from an email sender you don't recognize.

No official department in the U.S. Government will ever contact you for official business other than through Registered Mail.

Even Law Firms will contact you through Registered Mail.

None of these agencies will ever call or email you, when you get those it's ALWAYS a Scam. 

"Can you Hear Me?" Scam

When you hear this, Hang Up.

Note the Address Bar

As more scams are identified we will post them here.

If you find one and feel folks should be warned, shoot me an email.